Tips for Working at

Using to Work on Your Lab Assignments:

1.) First, go to and create a user account with your Yale email address. Your user account is free.

Then, after creating your account, open the Splice application on your Lab workstation and log in using the credentials you just created. Your Splice account will now be synced with the workstation.

3.) While still logged in to the Splice website, navigate to one of the Lab Assignment projects by going to its URL and clicking the “Splice This Project” button. The Lab Assignment project will then be added to your own Splice Studio as a “Spliced” project. This means that you can edit and work with your own version of the Lab Assignment project.

4). On the following page, click the button labeled “Open in Ableton” to open this Lab Assignment project in Ableton Live 9.5. Whenever you save while working, your Lab Assignment project will be automatically re-synced online, so that the version in your online Splice Studio will always be current.

5.) When you are done with your Lab Assignment project, quit Ableton Live 9.5.

6.) Next, go to your Splice account page, navigate there to your Lab Assignment project in the “Studio” tab, in the “Spliced” category. Then, click the three dots that appear next to the “Open” button, and click “Add Collaborators”.

7.) Then, navigate back to that Lab Assignment project’s account, and click on that account to “Collaborate” the track over to the account.  This will upload it for Dr. A and the lab instructors to review.

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