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Course Description: A survey of creative techniques used in EDM, such as digital sampling and synthesis, MIDI sequencing, audio and MIDI effects, and digital mixing and production. Focus on evolving techniques in EDM genres, as well as on mash-up techniques. Lab software exercises in Ableton Live 11, Ebosuite 2, and other plug-ins. Artistic intentions will guide our work. Enrollment is limited to 30-35 students.

The lectures will involve creative applications through software and hardware demonstrations. The assigned reading, listening and lab exercises will support the lectures.

Course Format: Tuesday class at 1.30-3.20 pm in Stoeckel Hall, Rm. 106 and one weekly hour-long, hands-on lab session every week.

Course Prerequisite: Musi 207, and/or Musi 210, and/or Musi 211 and/or equivalent music theory course.

Course Resources: installed on the YalMusT Lab studio computers in Stoeckel 402.

* Ableton Live Suite 11
* Ebosuite 2
* Other plug-ins

Course Assignments: Class notes, quizzes, lab exercises, midterm analysis project and a final analysis or creative project.

Questionnaire: You must complete the Music 481 Questionnaire no later than  Thursday, Jan. 18 at 11:59 p.m.  To complete it, go to the Canvas 481 site, click on “Modules” in the left-hand menu.  Then, click on “Music 481 Questionnaire,” fill it out and submit it.

Lab Sign-up: You must sign up for your lab time slot during the first or second class.


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