Class 8

Midterm Analysis Project: Class Presentations:

• Present An EDM Tune in Class
• Go here for the detailed Analysis Project Requirements.

Analysis Project Groups:
• Group 2: Sofie Fusco, Jay Marsella, Eli Simon, Aidan Sze, and Nick Weinberger
• Group 6: Alyssa Chen, Evan Branham, Jacob Leshnower, and Jade Klacko
• Group 7: Ellie Huh, Dana Lee, Jacob Shin
• Group 8: Aksel Sather, Ben Kirsch, Joey Fern, and Sri Devulapalli
• Group 9: Tiffany Fang, and Zoe Hsu
• Group 11: Collin Junus, Eric Zhang, and Skylar Peck
• Group 12: Eric Yoon, Dexter Wells, and Christine Dong

Complete Lab B, Part 2 – Editing Analog & Simpler Instruments and Original Harmonizations
Rm. 401/402 – at your assigned day & time.
Lab B – go here

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