Lab D: Ableton Live and Launchpad X Lightshow

Weeks 12 & 13
Location: Stoeckel 401/402

1. Start Here:

   • Always reboot the computer before you login.
   • Workstation login:
      • User: music.
      • Password: bartok.
   • Launch a browser, log in to Canvas, and download Lab D.

Lab D Goals:
   • Working with the Launchpad X.
   • Editing then using pre-designed MIDI clips for visual patterning.
Playing your Lightshow for your Lab.

Submitting Lab D:
   • Use Collect All and Save in your Ableton Live set to back up your work – every 30 seconds!
   • When you are finished performing for your Lab stay in your Ableton Live set and use collect all and save again.
   • DO Not RE-LABEL your Ableton .als file or your Ableton Project folder!
    INSTEAD, RE-LABEL your LabD_Submission folderLabD_AbletonLive_LaunchpadX_Lightshow_YOURNAME_Submission.
   • Then, correctly compress your ENTIRE LabD_AbletonLive_LaunchpadX_Lightshow_YOURNAME_Submission folder and submit Lab D online at Canvas.

Lab Exercises will be graded numerically, with 100% the highest grade.

DUE no later than Friday, Apr. 26th.

E-mail or meet with your TF.  Or, email Dr. A.


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