Lab D: Editing Instrument Racks and Original Harmonizations

Weeks of 3/28 and 4/4
Location: Stoeckel 401/402

Lab D Goals:
1. Editing and/or swapping synths and instrumental racks, editing and/or swapping drum racks, editing and/or swapping audio and filtering effects racks, adding automation data, adding volume and panning data, completing original harmonizations, and adding an introduction with a riser.
2. Use Collect All and Save in your Ableton Live set to back up your work – every 30 seconds!
3. When you are done, quit Ableton Live and label your Live Set file: LabD_EditingInstrumentRacks_OriginalHarmonizations_YOURNAME.als
4. Next, be sure that your text document summarizing your changes for any synth instruments, audio and filtering effects, drum rack instruments, and automation, panning, and volume data is in your Project Folder!
5. Then, label and compress your Project folder:

Lab Exercises will be graded numerically, with 100% the highest grade.

DUE no later than Tues. Apr. 12th @ 11:59 pm

Download the instructions & materials for Lab D: Editing Instrument Racks and Original Harmonizations from the Canvas 481 site. Follow the instructions carefully! When you are finished, upload your work to the Lab D assignment page.


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