Lab B: Working With Audio Effects:

Weeks of 2/6 and 2/13
Location: Stoeckel 401/402

Lab B Goals:
1. Workstation login: always reboot the computer before you login.
2. Launch a browser, log in to Canvas, and download Lab B.
3. Completing ABAB phrase analyses, understanding and using Drum rack and Simpler in 1-Shot Mode instruments, understanding EQ3, EQ8, Resonators filter effects, understanding Delay, Filter Delay, and Reverb audio effects, adjusting transposition, feedback, and dry/wet values, and implementing automation data.
4. Use Collect All and Save in your Ableton Live set to back up your work – every 30 seconds!
5. When you are done, quit Ableton Live and label your Live Set file: LabB_WorkingWithAudioEffects_YOURNAME.als
6. Then, label and compress your Project folder:

Lab Exercises will be graded numerically, with 100% the highest grade.

DUE no later than Tues. Mar. 1st @ 11:59 pm

Download the instructions & materials for Lab B: Working with Audio Effects from the Canvas 481b site. Follow the instructions carefully! When you are finished, upload your work to the Lab B assignment page.

E-mail or meet with your TF.

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