Class 1

• Music 481b

Rhythm and Meter – Review:
• Simple, Compound, Asymmetrical, and Odd Meters: 
• Listening: selected EDM excerpts

Rhythmic Concepts & Syncopation Treatments – Review:
• Rhythmic Concepts, Terms, and Structures
• Clave, Rumba, and Tresillo Syncopation Treatments
• Listening: selected EDM excerpts

Rhythmic Structures with Repetition and Variation – Review:
• Extended Rhythmic Structures: multi-bar rhythmic structures
• Turnarounds: subtractive fills, sound switch-ups, fills

• Basic Terms 1: Harmonic spectra, inharmonic spectra, frequency, amplitude, envelope, timbre
• Early Analog Recording: How It All Started
• Early Musique Concrete: Aesthetics and Techniques

• Dripsody (1955/57) by Hugh LeCaine
• Tomorrow Never Knows, (1966), The Beatles, Revolver
• Pretender (1988-89), by John Oswald, Plunderphonics EP

Student Examples:
• FBI – Emile B & Sofia C
• Buzz – Michael G

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