Compressing Projects as .zip files

Saving Projects as .zip Files:

In order to protect your Ableton Live 11 Project materials, you will need to take the following steps to be certain that everything is included in your saved and then compressed .zip Project folder:

1.) When you are ready to save and compress your Project folder and of your materials, pull down Live’s file menu and select the Collect All and Save command when you are inside your .als file.

Then, use the Save As command to save your .als file. Save it to the same folder as the original downloaded document. Label it carefully so that you can keep track of your work.

3.) Next, label the Project Folder (the folder containing the original .als file and your renamed .als file) to match your renamed .als file. Compress your Project folder into a .zip file by pulling down the Mac desktop file menu.  Choose Compress.  Back up your .zip file on external media.

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