Construction Kit 1


  1. Log-in to and sync your Construction Kit 1 Project to your account if you have not already done so.
  2. In the “Collaborators” tab of the Project, search for user “”.
  3. Collaborate your Project with that user.


A. Hardware & Software:

You MUST use the following:

  1. Ableton Live/Suite 9
  2. APC40II MIDI Performance Controller
  3. MPK61 Keyboard Controller

B. Intro, Main Section and Breakdown in a Straight Beat Genre:

  1. Complete your Construction Kit #1 by your SECOND LAB AFTER Spring Break
  2. Perform and save a performance in arrangement view

C. Structural Organization:

  1. Intro: anywhere from 24-48 bars in length. Foreshadow your main section with an additive beat over the duration of your intro. Add other material, either pitch or effects, that will be used later in your main section. The intro should culminate in a riser with analog and percussion.
  2. Main Section: anywhere from 24-48 bars in length. Should begin with a drop containing the fullest frequency spectrum in all your parts. Have your main harmonic progressions, basslines, and melodies.
  3. Breakdown: anywhere from 16-24 bars in length. Should be a dissolving of your main section through subtractive process. First take out low frequency items like your kick and bassline, and then reduce material to a thin layer.
  4. All three of your main sections should be structured with 8-bar cycles that end with turnaround points featuring subtractive fills, sound switch-up’s, fills, and SFX.
  5. Filtering: should be the primary component in which you change the texture and colors of each section.
  6. Syncopation Treatments: Use at least one of the syncopation treatments as an organizing technique

D. Required Material:

  1. 25% may be material that you digitize and quote in your piece.
  2. 75% must be original.
  3. Use of Simple Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb, Auto Filter, Auto Pan, Analog, Simpler, and either Impulse or Drum Rack or both. Optional use of EQ 8, Filter Delay, Gate and/or Compressor.
  4. Use of risers and washout techniques.

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