Last Lab: Week of 11/19/2014 – Wildcard Lab

Location: Stoeckel 402

Wildcard Lab: DUE Monday, 12/8 at 11:59 p.m.

A. In your Wildcard Lab, during Help Sessions, AND on your own review:

1. ClassNotes – AudioEffects3_Reverb_AutoPan_Chorus_Amp_Overdrive
2. Review Examples in AudioEffects3_Reverb_AutoPan_Chorus_Amp_Overdrive.als file
3. ClassNotes – AudioEffects4_Flanger_Resonator
4. Review Examples in AudioEffects4_Flanger_Resonator.als file
5. ClassNotes – AudioEffects5_Beat_Repeat
6. Review Examples in AudioEffects5_Beat_Repeat.als file
7. ClassNotes – Synthesis_FM_Operator_Part2
8. Review Examples in Synthesis_FM_Operator_Part2.als file
9. ClassNotes – Examples_Synthesis_FM_Operator_Part3_Wobbles
10. Review Examples in Synthesis_FM_Operator_Part3_Wobbles.als file
11. ClassNotes – MIDIEffects_Pitch_Chord_Scale_Arpeggiator_Part1
12. Review Examples in MIDIEffects_Pitch_Chord_Scale_Arpeggiator_Part1.als file

B. Then, create your own Racks that you will use in your Creative Project #2.  There are three basic requirements.

1. Create at least two different Racks from these types: Audio Effects Racks, MIDI Effects Racks, or Instrumental Racks.

2. You must also create and implement 8 assigned Macro Controls for your Racks.

3. Your Racks must have two or more Chains.

C.  Record a musical demonstration using your Racks into Arrangement View.

D.) When you’re finished, pull down Live’s file menu and select the “Collect All and Save” command.

E.) Then, use the “save as” command to save your .als file as your own work. Re-label it as: WildcardLab_YOURNAME.als. 

F.) Next, label your project folder as WildcardLab_YOURNAME Project. Compress your Project folder into a .zip file.  Upload your zipped Project folder to your own Dropbox at the Classesv2 295b site.  Be sure to put it in your Wildcard Lab folder, which is in your Lab Exercises folder.

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