Week of 2/18/2020: Lab D

LAB D – Tour of Live Redux:
Location: Stoeckel 401/402

1. Lab C: listening and analyzing an audio recording, working with audio & MIDI clips to create Scenes, understanding and working with APC40 MKII, recording from Session View into Arrangement View, performing live for your TF.
2. Use Collect All and Save in your Ableton Live set to back up your work – every 30 seconds!
3. When you are finished performing for your TF stay in your Ableton Live set and collect all and save.
4. Next, quit Ableton Live and label your Ableton Live Set file: LabC_TourOfLive_Redux_YOURNAME.als.
5. Next, zip your ENTIRE LabC_TourOfLive_Redux FOLDER and label it LabC_TourOfLive_Redux_YOURNAME.als.zip
6. Last, upload your submission with your TF present to the corresponding LabC_TourOfLive_Redux Assignment page.

Lab Exercises will be graded numerically, with 100% the highest grade.

Feb. 25th, Feb. 26th, Feb. 27th or Feb. 28th @ your lab time OR your TF’s Office Hours.

Download the instructions & materials for Lab C – Tour of Live Redux from the Canvas 481b site. Follow the instructions carefully! When you are finished, upload your work at the Lab D assignment page.

E-mail or meet with your TF.

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