Option 1 for Final Project – An Analysis

Present Another EDM Tune Online:

1. Form small groups of 1 to 3 people only.

2. Pick an EDM tune to analyze for your online presentation.  What genre is your tune? It should be different from your earlier Analysis Project.  What’s the overall form in terms of sections?  Where are the drops?  How are they created?

3. How is the beat structured?  What are the turnaround points like? How long are the phrases or cycles?  Is the repetition always exact or are there variations?  How are the similarity and contrast created?

4. How is filtering used?  How are audio effects such as chorus, flanger, resonator, delay, echo, filter delay, auto-pan, auto filter, reverb and/or vocoding used?  Describe any risers & washouts.

5. Is there any interesting sampling?  What makes it interesting? What is its purpose?

6. What about the pitch content?  What key is it in?  Analyze the pitch material, i.e., what are the melodies, basslines or chord progressions like?  Transcribe it into Ableton for extra credit!

7. Anything else that interests you …

8. Use an outline during your online presentation and upload it on Canvas at the Final Project assignment page.

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