Option 3 for Final Project – A Tune

What: Pick a genre, subgenre, hybrid genre or devise your own genre!
• Length: 1’30” to 3′ minimum
• Structure: you design it!

Required: MIDI-triggered audio:
• Use Drum Rack and/or Simpler for MIDI-triggered audio

Required: Use Auto Filter and at least 6 other effects and/or techniques and/or instruments from the categories listed below:
• Audio Effects: Beat Repeat, Chorus, Delay, Echo, Flanger, Reverb
• MIDI Effects: Arpeggiator
• Filter Effects: EQ3, EQ8, Filter Delay, Resonator, Vocoder
• Warping & Slicing-to-MIDI: Drum Rack and Simpler-in-Slice Mode
• Synths: Analog, Simpler, Operator & Wavetable Instruments
• Distortion Effects: Amp, Saturator
• Dynamic Processing Effects: Compressor, Gate
• SFX Effects: Risers, washouts & wobbles in Analog, Simpler, Operator or Wavetable

Optional Video:
• MIDI-triggeres Video: work with Ebosuite 2 in Ableton Live with audio & visual material.


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