Quiz 1

Quiz 1: Due no later than Tues. Feb. 8th.

Go to the Quizzes Module at the Music 481 Canvas site. Then, click on “Quiz 1,” open it, complete it, and submit it. Quiz 1 will open on Thursday, Feb. 3rd at 2:00 pm.

• Musical Elements – Basic Terms: Harmonic & inharmonic spectra, frequency, amplitude, envelope, timbre
• Precursors 1: Early Analog Recording
• Precursors 1: Early Musique Concrète Techniques
• Precursors 1: Early Tape Re-play Keyboard Samplers and Drum Machines
• Drum Set Instruments
• Aux Percussion Instruments
• MIDI Basics
• MIDI Clips
• Impulse & Drum Rack

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