Quiz 1 – 2/25 to 3/6

Quiz 1:

You are welcome to prepare notes and use them during Quiz 1.  You may also refer to any of the Class Notes or Ableton Live Example Sets from class lectures.

You will be allowed to open Ableton Live and use it during Quiz 1, but be sure to prepare your notes ahead of time.  You may take Quiz 1 online anytime between 2/25 & 3/6, finishing by 11:59 p.m. on that last day.


Drum Samplers: Impulse & Drum Rack
Synths: Analog & Simpler Instruments
Audio Effects: Delay, Filter Delay, Auto Pan
Filter Effects: EQ3, EQ8 & Auto Filter

Hints & Tips:

Drum Samplers: Impulse & Drum Rack – how does an Impulse or Drum Rack play MIDI notes that you hear? Can you find a given pad’s parameters?  What does velocity data do? How can automation data be used?

Synths: Analog – can you explore an Analog or Simpler instrument and determine the settings that create the sounds you hear?  How are oscillators or samples used as sound sources?  How do ADSR envelopes for volume & filter parameters shape a sound?  How does LFO-driven modulation change the sounds of an audio source?

Audio Effects: Delay, Filter Delay & Auto Pan – how does an Audio Effect create rhythms, textures and timbres?

Filter Effects: EQ3, EQ8 & Auto Filter – how does a Filter Effect create textures and timbres?

Identifying EDM Techniques:

Be prepared to correctly and precisely identify how the Ableton Live EDM Technique Example files that you analyze and study actually work.  That is, how did each Ableton Live .als file create the sounds that you hear?

The Ableton Live EDM Technique .als files will be at the Canvas site. Go to Modules and find the “Quiz 1” section.  You may download the Ableton Live EDM Techniques Example .als files ahead of time for study and note-taking.

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